As mentioned before the players don’t live in the United States and therefore are somewhat unfamiliar with the city of Atlanta. Therefore the storyteller gave them a brief introduction to the city in a forest.

Atlanta is situated at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains which stretch all the way to New York city. Atlanta is called the city in a forest because, no matter from where you watch the skyline, a forested area can always be seen behind the skyscrapers. It’s really lush and green. It’s a bit north of the swampy south; New Orleans, Louisiana et cetera. But still part of where big plantations used to be for it’s fertile soil.

Most people who think about Atlanta think about a city where the confederate flag holds some significance. Just after the civil war president Lincon gave the orders to burn all the plantation houses in the area and to destroy it’s railroads. From this occurrence grew the city we name Atlanta today. Most of the US’s segregation and civil rights history, which is a very big deal to US citizens, started in this very city. This is where Martin Luther King Jr. came from and the church where he used to preach still stands.

Whatever some people might say about the south and stereotypical conservative ideology doesn’t hold as much truth in Atlanta is it might in other cities. Atlanta is one of the most multicultural and multiethnic cities one can find in the South. One should not the presence of Southern hospitality. On the flipside the South can be a place of old grudges, which can be found beneath the civility and the good manners. There are some deep hatreds between old families. More so than in the states up north.


The following locations are within Atlanta.


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