What comes after

March 12-15 1993: Death

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[And now we head into the last story of two weeks. But I lied, this won’t be a story as before. Because during these weeks something happens. Something that shouldn’t have happened, something of which there wasn’t a chance of it ever happening. Something that every news station is talking about and something that will be remembered forever.
During these two weeks all your plans get pushed aside, because you get trapped in something that you didn’t expect, something which isn’t fair.
Something of which you are the victims.
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] – Story teller quote

One of the last thing Dereck hears on the TV before the power goes out is that the reporter urges everyone to stay inside. He is trapped at home with his kids while Sophia is at work. The father does his best to comfort Stacey and Louis and due to their fears he manages to get close to them. For the first time in, who knows how long ,they feel supported by their father. Despite it all, in this moment Dereck is happy.
It’s getting really cold, his wife hasn’t returned, his neighbours must have long since left but Dereck doesn’t know where. About six hours ago the gas has also stopped working, somehow.The children keep saying how unhealthy their father looks.

For hours upon hours Dereck listens to his children worry.

Stewart is trapped at the grocery store. The electric doors got closed shut, the lights went out. There’s panicked screams, Stewart’s amongst them. He feels utterly alone in the busy store for the object of his desire is not among the people there.
The employees and most of the people have long since fled the supermarket somehow. But Stewart is too late. There’s a cold wind creeping in the store but there is nothing for him outside.

For hours upon hours Stewart sits by the window, surrounded by liquor bottles, hoping to see a light out there to show him the way.

Darren will not be able to tell why he was outside during the storm. Literally digging through the snow with no street lights to guide him. His world exists only of black snow and black skies. He can no longer feel his arms, or his legs. He doesn’t care for he knows that justice will soon be done.

For hours upon hours Darren swims, digs and trudges through the snow.

And after upon hours they realise that something has changed, none can say exactly when. Outside the storm gets more aggressive. It gets to the point where it’s not subsided but it has changed, they think they see screaming faces in the roiling clouds above, and they think they see rending claws reaching out from the gust of wind swept debris. Although everything has changed they remain trapped, they can’t move a muscle. Until they see their corpses lying a few feet away from them.

Dereck sees his children beating their fists on it.

Darren sees the snow slowly bury it.

Stewart sees it become one with the ice on the floor.



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