An introduction

In late 2012 a group of roleplayers from the Netherlands decided to take up a new challenge after spending years with games such as New World of Darkness, Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. The desire for a more old school game and their love for personal horror led them to the classical World of Darkness.

With it’s broad immersive world and countless supplements this game would provide fun and terror for years to come. A notion proven by the fact that we are still playing at this very day. But during the years something changed, rather than deciding to go through all that World of Darkness had to offer with the same set of characters in the same chronicle we came to the conclusion that multiple chronicles set in the same continueity simply made more sense.


About this chronicle

“The year is 1993 and our story starts in Atlanta, Georgia. The players may choose any concept and background for their character fitting the setting. The only requirement is that in the opening scene of the story, they are all sitting in an empty church attending an anonymous support group meeting for survivors of a near-death experience.” Thus speak the notes of the story teller.

It must be said though that in practice it turned out a little differently. As players we were adviced to go to the first session without a character sheet in hand and only the barest idea of a character concept. The purpose of the entirety of the first session was to create our character through storytelling. We spend the session without a sheet or dice and all the characteristics and backstories were improvised on the spot. The session held only the bare minimum of plot hooks and allowed the players to craft three stories, free from interference by the storyteller. As a result this method of character creation opened us up to fill in the sheet later and have it correctly display how we portrayed the characters.

The chronicle consists of three players. One of which dabbled into wraith during a one shot story. Another who is a classic world of darkness veteran. Lastly there is a relative newcomer to the world of darkness and roleplaying games in general.

Have fun reading and be warned; it get’s a little sad.

Where to go from here?

If you want to dive right into the story I suggest you start with the Adventure log

What comes after

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